Hybrid Systems

Hybrid Systems

Combining our electronics and control systems expertise with our internal combustion engine knowledge has led Scott Racing and SR Technologies into hybrid systems and hybrid product development. Although primarily aimed at the automotive and motor sport sectors, these systems also have applications in other industries to improve fuel efficiency or smooth out energy demands.

Our Approach

To realise the benefits of a hybrid solution it is vital to fully understand the usage to which the system will be put and the performance requirements that need to be met. Whilst energy efficiency is likely to be a key consideration for most hybrids, it may not be the overriding factor. For example, a hybrid sports car will also need to be capable of fast acceleration and have a high top speed to be attractive to many prospective purchasers.

Our approach is to develop control architectures and strategies using bespoke simulations, where possible building on real-world performance data. This provides us with valuable insights into system performance prior to specifying and designing a final hybrid solution. The advantage is a high degree of confidence that requirements will be met, prior to integration of the technology into clients' applications.

What We Offer

We offer the following advantages to our clients:

• Experience of hybrid system simulation
• Wide knowledge of key hybrid system components
• Understanding of EV & HEV vehicle requirements
• Advanced control system expertise
• Vehicle integration experience

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