The use of biofuels in automotive applications provides an exciting opportunity for cleaner more sustainable transport. However, alongside the advantages these fuels offer come a number of issues that need to be addressed.

Scott Racing has expertise and facilities that allow us to engine test fuels and develop engine technology for improving performance with biofuels. Project we have undertaken using biofuels extend from road vehicle applications to biodiesel engine development for high level motor sport.

We have provided services to fuel companies, automotive suppliers, research organisations and trade associations.

World First Racing

We are very excited about being part of World First Racing: the world's first competitive environmentally F3 car entered for races led by WIMRC (part of Warwick Manufacturing Group). F3, the springboard for budding F1 drivers, is an important first major break into greener racing. See for more information.

We are also part of the EEMS Campaign Partner Initiative

The Energy Efficient Motorsport Programme (EEMS) is a government programme whose vision is to work with the UK motorsport industry to put energy efficiency at the heart of modern motorsport by stimulating the use of sustainable technologies and fuels. Through the EEMS Campaign Partner Initiative, we have the opportunity to demonstrate their pro-active commitment towards energy efficiency.

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