SR Technology wins SMART Award


Scott Racing's technology exploitation arm SR Technology Innovations Ltd has won a TSB SMART award for its work to develop vehicle technologies.

The project will explore novel hybrid vehicle and hybrid power system architectures which exploit improved control philosophies and new integrated subsystem designs to provide significant performance advantages in terms of efficiency and system packaging.

Throughout the project, computer models of hybrid subsystems will be developed and used to assess the performance of key parameters of new hybrid architectures compare to more conventional systems. Particular emphasis will be placed on the assessment of new design concepts for multi-port, multi-directional dc to dc and inverter technology. Where these are proved to offer real exploitable advantages for hybrid vehicle or hybrid power systems, prototype hardware will be designed and built to further test these design concepts and validate the system models.

The key premise behind the project is that whilst realising improved performance of hybrid systems will inevitably increase the complexity of their architecture, it is possible to rationalise the implementation of the technology with regard to subsystem component count and cost.

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