Tim Scott to speak at Environmental Conference


Tim Scott will be speaking about the development of Scott Racing's biodiesel F3 race engine at the inaugral WorldFirst Racing Environmental Motorsport Conference. The talk will cover the technical challenges of producing a competitive diesel race engine and the implications of using biodiesel as a fuel.

The conference will bring together industry and academia in one place to disseminate cutting edge developments and examine how best to exploit the exciting opportunities that are appearing at the dawn of a new era in international motorsport. The conference will comprise of a networking track day with driving experiences, presentations from key industry and academic speakers and workshops that will seek ways forward for future collaborations.


Provisional Agenda

Monday 14th September
Networking Track Day including Driving Experience at Bruntingthorpe Test Track followed by Conference
Dinner at Arden house, University of Warwick, Coventry

Tuesday 15th September
Conference and Exploratory Workshops at the International Manufacturing Centre, University of
Warwick, Coventry:

8.30 Arrival and Registration
9.00 Keynote Address
9.15 “TheWorldF3rst car – an overview” –Steve Maggs (WMG)
9.45 “A marketing perspective on theWorldFirst F3 car and the future of motorsport” – Ian Humphris
(Life Agency)
10.15 “Challenges in motorsport – an industry perspective” – Sam Smith (Lola Cars)
10.45 Refreshments
11.15 "Finding the limits with a biodiesel racing engine" – Tim Scott (Scott Racing)
11.45 “Recycling carbon fibre composites – the new reality” – Stewart Alsop (Recycled Carbon Fibre)
12.15 “Energy consumption – Competition vs. Manufacture” – Geraint Owen (University of Bath)
12.45 “Woven preforms and composites for natural fibre composite (NFC) demonstrators” – Graeme
Stewart/Julie Soden (University of Ulster)
13.15 Lunch & Networking
14.15 Round Table Exploratory Workshops – “What are the challenges for the future of environmental
15.15 Refreshments
15.45 Wrap-up Session and Final Remarks

For more details please email information@scottracing.com

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