Current Partners

Current Partners

Our partners benefit from the marketing and technical opportunities we offer.

Durham University

Scott Racing works specifically with the University’s Centre for Automotive Research. The Centre brings together relevant expertise from the departments of Engineering, Mathematics and Physics to support the motor industry worldwide. Research themes include aerodynamics, hybrid-electric vehicles, statistical mathematics, stress, vibrationand acoustic analysis.

Green Fleet

Green Fleet are a media partner that produces online and offline magazines, and events dedicated to promoting the use of more environmentally friendly fleet cars in the UK.

Integrated Design Techniques (IDT) Limited

IDT are leading UK equipment suppliers and system design consultants to the telecommunications, traffic management and networking industries worldwide. They specialise in the technology used in networks and, in particular, Intelligent Transport Systems.

We are also part of the EEMS Campaign Partner Initiative

The Energy Efficient Motorsport Programme (EEMS) is a government programme whose vision is to work with the UK motorsport industry to put energy efficiency at the heart of modern motorsport by stimulating the use of sustainable technologies and fuels. Through the EEMS Campaign Partner Initiative, we have the opportunity to demonstrate their pro-active commitment towards energy efficiency.

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