Our motor sport team is the best platform there is to showcase the innovative, high performance technologies we develop. Because we are a unique mix of talented engineers with race experience, we know how best to maximise technical and driving performance.

As well has having in-house capabilities of developing top race engines, we also have the expertise of a leading sports car aerodynamicist with a track record of winning Le Mans 24 Hours and F1 designs.

We are keeping an eye to the future. So we have taken the challenge of developing our own approach to green race car technologies. Maintaining motor sport's nature of being fast paced and dynamic is not an easy job but will no doubt capture people's interest and imagination.

Our aim is to enter high profile motor sport championships that allow us to develop more enviromentally friendly technologies. We have already lead the way in demonstrating biodiesel technology on the race track. Currently we are developing electric and hybrid electric race technologies.

While winning on the track is important for the team, Scott Racing also recognises the importance of our partners. A commercial team with marketing and public relations expertise is very much part of the company to ensure that partners are making the most of their investments.

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